Coaches also evaluate parents: How to accompany your student-athlete in the recruitment process

August 22, 2018

CAFA Group

Although the student-athlete is the center of attention during the recruitment process to enter in a College or University in the United States, the coaches evaluate diverse topics at all times. One of them is the role of parents during this process. According to Pat Fitzgerald, coach of Northwestern University in an interview, he shared that a large part of the evaluation of a candidate is in observing how parents act and get involved. 

"When we talk about the athletes we are evaluating, we are also considering the parents. If the parents do not fit with our program, we may not be able to offer the scholarship to the student. It's something that has changed in a decade: ten years ago, parents were not given such an important role, they are now a big part of this process”, he told

How parents can contribute to the recruitment process of their student-athletes

When college coaches look at parents, they are not just looking for warning signs that make them discard a player. They are also looking for how parents support their student-athlete in this way:

· Are they supporting them in keeping a healthy school and sport balance?

· Are they helping their son or daughter get all of their paperwork in on time — without doing it for them?

· Are they setting a great example by respecting other players, families, coaches and refs — no matter how strongly they might disagree with a particular play or call?

·In recruiting, are they showing that they’ll be there to help their son or daughter in the difficult transition from high school to college?

If you want to read some tips for parents of athletes in the recruitment process, you can click on this link. Or contact our coaches by completing the Athlete Form.

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