We offer consulting aimed toward improving athletic competitiveness through technology, specialized marketing and professional development.


League Development: Development and administration of new and existing professional leagues. Through the use of standard and innovative concepts, our team seeks to satisfy the growing demand for sports like soccer, baseball and basketball, as well as olympic sports such as wrestling and rowing.

Sponsorship Licensing: Through the acquisition of intellectual property rights and their strategic implementation, athletic organizations can protect, diversify and increase sources of revenue.

International Alliances: Promote the development of international alliances focused on the transformation and modernization of club teams and athletic organizations.


Competitiveness: Design of training methodology, planning and logistics for preseason and tournaments. Weather analysis in order to  structure adapted workouts, choice and use of adequate equipment, nutrition and hydration, implementation of technology in training, schedule management and instruction of punctuality.

Structure: Scouting and hiring of staff, optimization of human resources, establishment of a statistics department or group, development of manuals, documentation and/or guidelines for the efficient use of infrastructure and other resources.

Minor leagues or categories: Management of team’s lower divisions or minor leagues. Specialized coaching for ability development and physical performance.

Mental training: Consulting on psychological training methods to optimize well-being and performance of teams. Establishment and achievement of personal and team objectives.


Operations: Planning, supervision, execution, and documentation of events.

Hospitality Área: We create unique experiences for our clients.

Live Streaming: Live broadcasting of events.

Food and Beverages Catering: Integral strategy, including food and beverages caterers and franchises (food court/food festival/stadiums).

Souvenirs: Custom souvenirs designed to fit event theme and client needs.


Airline Logistics: Our service encompasses the organization, scheduling, gathering of proper travel documentation and purchasing of an airline travel itinerary.

Ground Logistics: We offer a variety of ground transportation options, including standard vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, trailer-trucks, buses and even ambulances. Ground transportation services include national and international travels.

Athletic Infrastructure: National and international partnerships allow us to offer athletic infrastructure, centers and stadiums to our clientsAdditional Services: In addition to the transportation and infrastructure, our team can offer staff, security details and catering for events


We promote the development of sustainable infrastructure, athletic centers, stadiums, etc. We support any methodology that seeks to reduce pollution. We believe environmentally friendly and energy efficient principles should guide the design and development of any construction.

- Development and maintenance of athletic infrastructure, sports centers, stadiums, etc.

- Recovery and repurposing of abandoned athletic infrastructure

- Recycling platforms

- Implementation of renewable energy and resources

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